Over the years Steve has worked on numerous cars that are the pride and joy of their owners. Here is a gallery dedicated to the best of the best.
Some cars are completely restored by PanelCraft and others are just in for bodywork and paint.

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Dodge pick up
Fargo Pickup
Astom Martin Convertible
Jag E-Types
Austin Healey
White Morgan
Red Jaguar Roadster
White MG T
Red MGA Coupe

A well kept Jag in for a spray

1964 Austin Healey
Pat Miles' smashed Morgan that was repaired at PanelCraft and went on to compete in San Francisco.

This Classic Oldsmobile had to have extensive front end repairs

This is the first of the Green MGB GT that where done at almost the same time

Jag XK-150 ready for reassembly by the owner

Honda S600

This Morgan needs body work to match it's flawless mechanical restoration.

Ken Miles has brought another Morgan for a little body work and paint.


Bright Yellow Mini

Alfa Romeo
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Pontiac Firebird Triumph TR4
Jag Fixed head Coupe Chevelle
1969 Morgan+8
An early C3 Vette Steves own Mopar Raftop

A second MGB GT comes for a

Toyota Land Cruiser

Red Mini

68' Camaro

A mini that just needs some bodywork and a spray. All finished and the owner is now putting it back together again.

A BMW 2002 get sprayed Silver


37' Studebaker Rod

55' Bel Air

71 TR-6

68' TR-4A with IRS

Classic for the ICBC calender

1948 MGTC
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